Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Capacitor 10000pF or 10nF 50V ceramic X7R SMD0603

Ceramic capacitor 10000pF / 10nF with SMD 0603 packing and has X7R temperature coefficient code.

  • Capacitance 10000pF / 10nF
  • Voltage 50V
  • Tolerance of 10%

datasheet https: // goo • gl / 2C9C9m

LTPF347 SII Thermal Printer

LTPF347 is a thermal printer device from Seiko. This thermal printer uses thermal line dot printing method with 8 dots / mm resolution and printing speed 220 mm / s. This thermal printer is compatible with 80 x 72 mm paper. For the sensory part, this device uses 3 types of sensors. Thermistors as sensors monitor head temperature, mechanical switch to monitor plate position, and photo-interupter as sensor for out-of-paper.

- Method: Thermal line dot printing
- Resolution: 8 dots / mm
- Speed: 220 mm / s
- Paper Dimensions: 80 x 72 mm
- Sensors: Thermistor, mechanical switch, and photo-interupter
- Power Supply: 21.6 ~ 26.4 V
- Current: 5.4 A (head), 0.46 A (motor)
- Dimensions: 110.2 x 54.0 x 25.8 mm
- Interface: Parallel and serial

LEKO ESD Wrist Strap

bracelets that serve to prevent damage to sensitive components such as ICs, transistors, HLDs, etc. due to Electro Static Discharge (ESD) caused by the human body.
Suitable for lab, component production process, electronic device repair process, etc.

chip 4049 SECS-16 3.90mm

CMOS Hex Buffer / Converters
  • Power supply 3V TO 15V
  • SOIC-16 Packaging
  • CMOS Hex Buffer / Converters function
  • Propagation delay 60 ns (TYP @ 5V)
  • Level of CMOS i / o voltage

datasheet https: // goo • gl / PTy5Ui

DAC0800LCN chip

8-bit Digital to Analog Converter. Current output and complementary current output. Full scale current output range: 2mA (typ).
  • +/- 4.5V - +/- 18V power supply
  • DIP-16 Packaging
  • 8-bit parallel interface
  • 8-bit resolution (typ)
  • Number of channels 1 8-bit input channel, 1 output channel
  • Data conversion time 100ns (typ) settling time
  • Accuracy +/- 1 LSB (max)
  • Reference voltage V-supply to V + suplly

datasheet https: // goo • gl / Xa8itC

VNH3SP30TR-E driver chip

VNH3SP30TR-E chip driver
H-Bridge 30A motor driver.
- Power supply: 5.5VDC - 36VDC (IC voltage and load)
- Output current: 30A
- Logic voltage level of input (high): 3.25VDC (min)
- Supports PWM function: 10k Hz
- Packaging: SO-30
datasheet https: // goo • gl / mL4R9i

KTSC22 Knob round Tactile Switch MTS-1103D blue color

Knob for tactile switch with round shape, blue color
- Diameter: ± 1.3cm
- High button only: ± 6mm
- Overall height: ± 9mm

MTS-1103D Knob Tactile Switch yellow box

Knob yellow color box for tactile switch type MTS-1103D


Schottky diode with 3A current and reverse voltage 60. This diode is manufactured in a SMD 403AC pack.
  • Flow 3A
  • Packaging 403AC
  • 60V reverse voltage

datasheet https: // goo • gl / m2tyTX

Infra red Kit For Arduino

This kit is used to add remote remotely control to the Arduino project or other microcontroller projects.
- Working voltage: 5 VDC
- Interface: Digital
- Frequency: 38 kHz
- There are examples and library of Arduino on this link.
- Equipment: 1x IR Remote Controller (With battery CR2025), 1x IR Receiver Module and 1x Digital Cable

datasheet https://goo.gl/gVmLaU